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kabuhina's Journal

The Yakushi Kabuto/Hyuuga Hinata Community
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Welcome to KabuHina, a community dedicated to the manipulative and creepily adorable relationship between Yakushi Kabuto and Hyuuga Hinata

Why Kabuto/Hinata, you may ask?
Well, because if there was ever a pairing made for mindfucks and dark!fluff, this would be the one. It is cute and it is messed up, and we just love it. That is really all the reasons needed.
And it's totally canon. We all saw Kabuto molesting her during the Chuunin finals. XD

So come on in, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. And if you've got some KabuHina stuff, post it. Spread the manipulative love.

(There will be some rules here, at some point. Really. >.>)